Magnificent Chile - 11 days/9 nights
  Experience the history and culture of Chile through Santiago's center and World Heritage Site, Valparaiso. Taste the wine from the fertile Central Valley, discover magnificent views of the waters and volcanoes from Chile's Lake Region, and climb sand dunes in the world's driest desert, Atacama. more  
Mystic Maya World - 11 Days
  In 11 days, travel through 4 countries in Central America, visit 11 most important Mayan sites and try to solve the mysteries of the Maya World. Explore the temples and pyramids at one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza. View the dramatic architecture and richly decorated palaces in World Heritage Site, Uxmal and experience beautiful ruins in the tropical rainforest in Tikal and Copan. more  

Indonesia's Culture, Islands and
Komodo Dragons - 12 Days
  Experience the stunning ten-terraces Buddhist complex, Borobudur in JogJakarta. Observe Komodo dragons in their natural habitat on Rinca Island and Komodo Island. In Bali, watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean from your beachside hotel room. more  

Journeys of Discovery

D-Touring presents incredible journeys of discovery to Asia, the South Pacific and Latin America. A new division of Pacific Holidays, Inc, D-Touring offers you direct access to specialists with 18 years of destination experience, delivers affordable and high-quality travel, and focuses only on escorted and locally guided small-group tours. This selection of innovative and unique itineraries will make your life detours unforgettable.

D-Touring's itineraries are land and air all-inclusive, featuring international air via world-class airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air Pacific, China Airlines, Taca and Lan; deluxe and superior first-class hotels; sightseeing tours via luxury motor coach; meals; internal air/land transportation; and English-speaking guide service.

Discover the wonders of the world with D-Touring. Travel with people who share the same absorbing desire to visit less-frequented paths and trek through every interesting corner of the world.
Walk along passes of the west and east ends of the Great Wall of China. Travel to Latin America and see the enigmatic Machu Picchu or the astounding Mars-like arid land in Chiles Atacama Desert. Explore the Chocolate Hills on the island of Bahol in the Philippines or Maya pyramids in the deep tropical jungles of both Guatemala and Mexico. Take the cruise of a lifetime as you sail down China's magnificent Yellow River, cross the scenic lakes in Chile, or cruise the romantic waters of the Society Islands in the South Pacific.

Begin a journey of discovery today with D-Touring. Let a D-Touring travel specialist assist you with all of your group travel needs.

Romantic Romania
14 Days
Australia, New Zealand And Fiji
14 Days
Fiji Captain Cook Cruise
13 Days
China's Silk Road and Great Wall
15 Days
Sri Lanka Adventure
13 Days
Unspoiled Vietnam and Laos
13 Days
Forgotten Burma
12 Days
Philippine Odyssey
13 Days
Galapagos Cruise & Inca Empire
13 Days
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