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Making a Payment

Payment to D-Touring is easy. First, read through D-Touring's general Terms and Conditions, especially the trip cancellation policies. Just determine deposit required or the amount due on your invoice and call D-Touring at 877-933-8687. One of our sales associates will explain to you the following methods of payment:

1. Paying by Check or Money Order.
You can mail D-Touring a check or money order. Make sure you put the invoice number, passenger name(s) and preferably destination and departure date on the check. Check payable to: D-Touring.
Mail to:
12 West 32nd Street, Surte 603, New York, NY 10001

2. Paying by credit card.
You may also use your Visa, Master, Discover or American Express card to send in the payment. Please download D-Touring credit card authorization form by clicking here. Read it, fill it in, then fax the signed form together with a copy of your credit card front and back, and a copy of your driver's license or passport  to 212-629-8882 and mail these materials to D-Touring.

3. Paying by your PayPal account.
Click the PayPal button here to pay using your PayPal account. Make sure that you send us an email stating your D-Touring invoice number if you have one, how much you have just paid, passenger name(s) and for which trip.

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