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At D-Touring, we understand the value of your vacation investment and strongly recommend the purchase of our Travel Protection Plan to safeguard and enhance your experience. For your convenience we have included the cost of the Plan in your travel invoice. To purchase the plan simply pay your invoice total.

Why Purchase Travel Protection?
Preparing for your trip includes helping to protect yourself in the event of an unfortunate occurrence that interferes with even your best-laid plans. By purchasing the D-Touring Travel Protection Program, you can help protect yourself against the expense of cancellation penalties, medical costs, and baggage loss and delay, and gain access to a wide range of traveler's assistance services.
The D-Touring Travel Protection Program would provide coverage if:
  • You become sick and can't travel.
  • A Family Member develops an illness, requiring you to cancel your trip
  • Your house becomes flooded due to a hurricane.
  • A family member back home passes away and you must return home early.
  • Your luggage is lost by the airlines.
  • You twist your ankle and must visit a doctor while traveling.
Purchase your D-Touring Travel Protection Plan within 10 days of your initial trip deposit to be eligible for waiver of the Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion.
Total Trip Cost
Plan cost per person
$0 - $2,500
$2,501 - $5,000
$5,001 - $7,500
$7,501 - $10,000
$10,001 - $12,500
For trips over $12,501 please call D-Touring for plan costs.
Benefits per person
Limits per person
Trip Cancellation
Tour Cost*
Trip Interruption
Tour Cost*
Travel Delay
$600 ($150/day)
Baggage/Personal Effects
Baggage Delay
Medical Expense
AD&D Flight Only
24-hr Assistance Services
*Up to a maximum of $12,500
Important Notice: The complete terms, conditions and exclusions of the D-Touring Travel Protection Plan are detailed in Description of Coverage. The Description of Coverage will be provided upon receipt of your payment for the plan or you may contact D-Touring, Inc. to request a copy.
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